Hi everyone!

So let me introduce myself first.

My name’s Moira but if you can’t pronounce it right, you can call me Mia. I was born on the 5th of July. I don’t want to share too much of my private info so I hope you guys understand.

First of all, I came from Blogger and I was very inactive because of schoolwork. Now that it’s Christmas vacation, I wanted to keep it alive again but I found it a bit boring (I’m sorry, Blogger) and I saw some of my friends’ WordPress posts and told myself to try it. So now, here I am in WordPress, exporting my blog.

So basically, I love reading books. I loooooove books. I am a total fangirl. I aspire to be a novelist someday and I do hope that this dream of mine comes true. I love Starbucks. I’m addicted to coffee. You would most likely find me inside Starbucks either reading a book or on my laptop tapping away.

In my blog, you would find book reviews, probably updates on Read-a-thons, and maybe some fashion things? I don’t know haha but I’m very sure about books!! Ooh, maybe even live blogging (is that even a thing ohmygod) about a certain book I’m reading. But yeah, this blog would revolve around books and authors and stufffff so yea 🙂

So yea, I hope you guys enjoy my blog and I’ll see you guys soon! Byeeeee


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