Book Review: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

WARNING: This review contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

**I’m mostly going to talk about Winter since it is the last book of the quartet and because I just finished it.**

You know that feeling when you’re up reading at 1 am and you tell yourself, “Alright, I’ll sleep after this chapter,” and you just keep saying that until you just stop telling yourself that. Suddenly, you turn the next page and you read, “Acknowledgements” and you just scream internally because you just finished the book at 5 IN THE MORNING.

Yup, that was me right there when I was reading Winter.

I love the series. It’s now one of my favorite series of all time and Winter is now one of my favorite books of 2015. I’m glad I finished it before the year ended because it really wrapped up my year of reading.

When I first read Cinder, I was completely intrigued. I found myself flying through the chapters and finished it in less than a day. The same goes with Scarlet and Cress. I love how there are new characters and how they were able to adapt in the crew, especially Cress since she has lived in the satellite her whole life.

Now, Winter is just an amazing conclusion. It was just absolutely incredible. It was adventurous, daring, a bit funny, romantic and it’s just – ugh. Meyer, hands down! The transition from one character to another was smooth, the heist and revolution was well structured, the writing is absolutely beautiful, the plot was perfect, the ending was beautiful. It was just what I needed, what I wanted, and it was the perfect way to wrap up 2015.


I swear, I was giggling all over when there were Kai and Cinder moments as well as when Thorne and Cress finally kissed. I also had a roller coaster of feels when Maha, Scarlet and Wolf finally reunited and I even teared up a little. I also love the fact that Meyers was able to portray beauty as being an imperfect human being, like Winter. Ohmygosh, her mental illness, those scars on her cheeks, I just fell in love with her, too and the fact that Jacin would do anything to protect her just warmed my heart like a bonfire.

I also loved how Meyers didn’t make Cinder invincible. She was half cyborg and she was also experiencing struggles herself. Meyers made it a point that the heroes in the Lunar Chronicles were vulnerable but was overpowered by the bonds with one another. That sounded incredibly cheesy but it’s completely true.

If I had to choose a favorite character, I would say everyone, even Levana. Like I said, Cinder was vulnerable. She portrayed the struggle, the doubts, and the fear of being a leader, but she was also strong and believed in her friends. Kai is this handsome emperor who is a great leader to his country. He’s young but he definitely knows how to rule a country better than Levana. He’s cheeky, determined, headstrong, and a lover. I admire him. He’s my new fictional love (Sorry, Cinder).

Okay maybe this is a bit too messy so I’m just going to break this down into what I love about this series.

1. Character Development

So our main character is a half cyborg who was the lost princess and rightful queen of Luna. In Cinder, she was this timid girl who had this unwavering determination to find the cure and save Kai. As the series continued, we then found out that Cinder was the lost princess and she had the burden thrown into her shoulders but what I love about her is that she embraced that destiny.

This also applied to my cinnamon roll, Cress. When she was first introduced to us, she was this lovesick girl, naive and incredibly caring. Over the series, she has grown into an independent woman and helped the crew however she can and maybe advance toward Thorne *cough cough*.

2. Perspectives

I love how the story isn’t centered around Cinder only. I like how we get to see what Scarlet was going through when she was imprisoned in Luna, and when Thorne and Cress was stuck in the desert, and Wolf ohmygosh his thoughts about Scarlet. Even Kai, I love his wittiness so much. Anyway, I love how the different perspectives completed the story, the conflict and everything.


Okay, so the plot of the story is that Earth is in danger and Queen Levana has to be overthrown in order for the world – and Luna – to be safe. The pace was perfect. Each book had a conflict but never bigger than the conflict of the whole story. There were absolutely no holes, no loose ends, absolutely solid. I love the concept of incorporating fairy tails into the sci-fi world and it was so cute and beautiful and amazing and I just loved reading this.

4. K A I

dUDE KAI IS SUCH A CINNAMON ROLL. When he’s being an emperor, he’s all serious and cheeky and cute but when he’s with Cinder he’s all soft and yummy and just a cINNAMON ROLL HE’S JUST AN ADORABLE AND LOVABLE CHARACTER I’D MARRY HIM I SWEAR HE’S SUCH A GREAT CHARACTER I LOVE HIM


So before I read Winter, I read Fairest, a novella about Levana before she was queen and ohmygod I love her as a villain. She’s not the typical, misunderstood villain but she’s this dark and twisted woman who wanted to prove herself that she is beautiful to the point of killing the child. I don’t know, I just found myself drawn to her character. She’s very interesting, intriguing and dark and I think that those villains are the best. I truly felt sorry for her because of the things she went through in her life and her personality did her justice.

Winter was the perfect conclusion to the story. I found myself flying through the pages, feeling more and more excited and hungry to see what’s next. When I found myself at the end, I just had to process for a bit because the series is so perfect that I wouldn’t ask for anything more. I just felt so happy and incredibly satisfied. I recommend this to everyone out there. It has adventure, action, romance, sci-fi and it’s just the whole package. I swear, the Lunar Chronicles is one of the best stories I have ever read so far.

Marissa Meyer, you have made my life so happy and complete and I hope that you make more books because you are an amazing writer. You did this book justice and I am more than glad to have read this book.

You’re perfect. I don’t care if you see dead wolves and turn into a living ice sculpture when yo’re having a bad day. I don’t care if I have an imprint of your teeth on my shoulder. I don’t care if 
you’re… fixed. I want you to be safe and happy. That’s all.


– Jacin; Winter



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