Movie Review: What If (The F Word)

Movie Review: What If (The F Word)
Directed by Michael Dowse

So, I’ve been wanting to watch What If for a few months now and I finally did a few days ago. When I watched the trailer of this, I was surprised and excited because 1.) Daniel Radcliffe (I’m a Potterhead, no hate); 2.) Zoe Kazan is so so pretty; and 3.) A movie about the friendzone.

I really love how the movie captured the troubles of being in the friendzone. Wallace decides to put his love life on hold because of the string of failed relationships and suddenly meets Chantry from a party. The two form an instant connection. Sadly, Wallace discovers that Chantry has a boyfriend and decides to stay friends with her. The movie was really heart warming, cute and comedic. The ending was really adorable and I find Wallace a sweetheart.

In the movie, I really the Chantry’s magnets of words. It was really cool and I want one. 😀 Anyway, I love how the movie is sophisticated because it’s like the director, Dowse, know what it’s like to be in a friendzone and you don’t know whether to smile because you’re friends or cry because that’s all you’ll ever be. I love how Wallace didn’t give up and how he overcame the impediment of being just friends with Chantry. I think that Radcliffe was the perfect actor for this because he was able to interpret Wallace’s feelings and how Kazan acted her way out. It was a really nice movie and the wait really was worth it.

“In Paris, love inspires you to be noble and courageous but in real life, love is just an all-purpose excuse for selfish behavior.” – Wallace

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