Book Review: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

After so many months of waiting for City of Heavenly Fire, I have officially and finally finished The Mortal Instruments. Throughout the whole book, my reactions were just “ohmygoooooosh,? or “maaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” or “nooooooooo.” Seriously, the last book was so… how do I put this… kind of relieving, I guess. It’s not that I finally finished it because it was taking too long or anything, but I was relieved because Sebastian is dead, and Brother Zachariah, and Tessa, and just, ugh. So many feels.

The only thing bothering me about this series was that it was supposed to be about The Mortal Instruments, as in, the Mortal Cup, the Mortal Sword and Lake Lyn. I don’t know why Cassandra Clare had to squeeze Sebastian in… I don’t really have much of a problem, but it’s supposed to be The Mortal Instruments, but I’m just glad that Clary and Jace don’t end up as siblings. I think that’s why Clare had to squeeze Sebastian.

So, TMI is about Clary who lives a normal life until she goes to this club and sees three Shadowhunters killing a demon, but of course, she didn’t know. So Jace just starts to follow her around and tries figure out why and how she has the Sight (the ability to see Shadowhunters when they hide themselves with a rune). Then the three Shadowhunters, Alec, Jace and Isabelle start to welcome her to the Shadowhunter world. Simon then finds out about it and then turns into a Downworlder. The friends then have an adventure to find Valentine, and kill him. That’s basically the synopsis of the first three books. In the next three books, they look for Sebastian, Valentine’s son, and they basically kill him.

Out of all the books, City of Heavenly Fire had to be my favorite and at the same time, I was so frustrated about this book because *SPOILER ALERT* when Sebastian became normal, I didn’t want him to die. At first, I was full-on determined to watch him die, but when he turned to normal and became the Sebastian he was supposed to be, he became so vulnerable and fragile and I just wanted to hug him. At that moment, I was just saying, “No, no, please don’t die, please don’t.” I mean, the green eyes just gave it away. I was literally sobbing when he was dying because I really didn’t want him to die. I also loved the part when they were falling to the Demon world and Clary saw Sebastian as his brother. It was so sweet. I mean, I wanted that to happen too.

Okay, I’m just talking about CoHF here. Haha. Anyway, we all know that City of Bones has a movie. I watched it, and, for the another time, I was kind of disappointed because a.) Clary was supposed to kill the demon in her house; b.)I don’t like Jamie Campbell (I’m really sorry, I just don’t feel the Jace in him) as Jace; c.) Valentine was supposed to have platinum white hair; and d.) Luke looks too old. What I like about the movie is Magnus Bane. When I first saw him, I was just like, “sweet oreos Magnus…” He was so handsome and hot. I swear. And his eyes were so beautiful. I especially loved it when he looked at Alec and ahhhhhhh my heart.

In the movie, it was kind of rushed because Simon was supposed to be a vampire in City of Ashes, but Clary soon noticed his bites in the hospital wing after saving him from Dumort, then he soon realizes that he doesn’t need his glasses anymore. I was also disappointed when they didn’t follow the book – I mean, I understand that movies never follow the books but I was so disappointed when they found Jocelyn in the Institute and not Renwick’s, where Jace was supposed to be found. It doesn’t make sense because shouldn’t the Lightwoods explore the whole Institute? It just does not make sense, I’m sorry.

Despite the evilness of Sebastian Morgenstern, I might or might not have a tiny crush on him… I mean, yeah, he’s evil, but he’s so handsome and he has an appeal and just, ugh, like, I think he’s much more attractive that Jace (Not sorry at all). Yeah, Jace is kinda hot and he’s perfect but that’s the thing: he’s perfect. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like guys with a sense of vulnerability, and Sebastian is vulnerable. I mean, those green eyes before he died was so so precious.

What I despised about the series was when Alec and Magnus broke up. My heart shattered when they were over. Yeah, Magnus had a good reason to break up with Alec – I mean, he knew that Magnus would kill him, but that may be the second worse thing Alec has experienced after Max’s death. I was really happy when they were back together and I felt the butterflies in my stomach when they kissed when they shouldn’t and just ahhhh. *hearts everywhere*

I’d give The Mortal Instruments 4 stars because 1.) it’s supposed to be The Mortal Instruments, meaning it’s only supposed to be until City of Glass, but Clary and Jace you know :)); 2.) There was particularly no reason at all as to why Simon’s memory was given away and I was literally crying my eyes out when he didn’t know Clary and it broke my heart; 3.) and Sebastian should have just returned to normal permanently and not die because he was so broken and so fragile I loved it. All in all, it was truly an adventurous, dramatic, and heartfelt story. I really recommend this to teenagers who love romance, drama, adventures with a dash of tragedy and when I say teens, I mean teens because explicit scenes (you know what I mean). I also recommend reading The Infernal Devices first because the some characters in TID are in CoHF so I think you should read it first to understand who Tessa and “Brother Zachariah” is. 🙂

To love is to destroy and to be loved is to be destroyed. -Jace Herondale; City of Bones


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