Book Review: The Divergent Trilogy

The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

Beatrice “Tris” Pior makes a choice. Should she stay with her family, or go for what she wants?
Divergent is about this girl named Tris who can’t make a choice. Being 16, she takes a test to see what faction would they recommend for her. What makes her different from others is that she is Divergent. 
I really like this book because it’s really good and the plot is very interesting. Like, it’s also filled with plot twists like Tobias being Divergent, Dauntless working for Erudite, Erudite wanting power and stuff. I recommend this book for like, teenagers because of some inappropriate scenes here and it’s kind of morbid.
What made me sad in this book was when Tris killed Will, Tobias under the serum and Tris’ parents being shot. 
Insurgent is next. So, in this book, it was all about picking sides. It’s either you’re in Erudite, or in the factionless. Tris and her friends choose the factionless, then learning that Tobias’ mother is alive. Tris, wanting to know what’s happening, turns to Marcus for help, despite Tobias’ hate for him. Tris doesn’t listen and follows Marcus. They break into Erudite and tries to steal what everyone wants: why does Divergence exists? In the end, they don’t get the video, but Tobias, loving Tris, gets the video and plays it. It hangs right there.
I was so frustrated when I saw that the end line was people shouting, and I was like, “WAIT WHAT HAPPENS OHMYGOD ALLEGIANT COME FASTER.” And I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. What I love about this book is how Tobias still trusts Tris, despite Tris betraying him. That’s what real love is. The cliffhanger was very, very frustrating because it made me want more of it. 
The last book of the series is Allegiant. This is the book where I cried the most. So much happened in this. It was actually better than the rest because it had both perspectives of Tris and Tobias, which makes it very interesting. What makes the book very different is because of the plot twists written here. Veronica Roth really did it. This was such an amazing trilogy but she didn’t have to break my heart. To those who haven’t read this, i won’t tell you what happened, but if you read this, you’ll have your heart broken into little pieces and you’ll be scarred for life. I’m telling you. Read with caution. I didn’t really expect that that would happen. It was very, very heartbreaking and until now, I couldn’t move on. It’s like, scarred beside all the other scars I have from reading books. Though it was very sad to read this, it was a very nice book and I’m proud Roth wrote this. I like how Tobias seemed (assuming) okay with what happened.

I really recommend this trilogy to teenagers due to the inappropriate scenes, and I would recommend this trilogy to the people who loves romance, adventures, and tragedies.

Thank you, Veronica Roth.

Be brave. -Veronica Roth

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