Book Review: Paper Towns

Paper Towns by John Green.

I got Paper Towns through a friend of mine. I started reading it since June 23, Sunday and finished it the next day. The summary was beautiful, but the story was absolutely exquisite.

Margo and Quentin were childhood friends. At 9 years old, they found a dead body, and Margo, being the fearless and mystery-lover she is, tried to investigate who killed him. Years later, Quentin and Margo didn’t really talk, but they were friends, and Quentin fell in love with her. One night changed everything. It was when Quentin was invited to Margo’s revenge at the dead of night, helping her spray paint Ms, putting fish in Margo’s friend’s properties, and others. The next day, she disappeared and it was up to him and his friends to find out where she was hiding. They found out she was in an unknown place called Agloe, New York. After they found her, Margo told everything to Quentin, but Margo was going to New York. Quentin couldn’t follow her, so he decided to just keep in touch with her until she comes back.

I really recommend this book to those who love romance, mystery, and adventure. John Green is an excellent author. This is the 2nd John Green book I read. 🙂

The town was paper, but the memories were not. -John Green


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